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Procrastination leading to insight

So I should be studying for my psychiatry shelf examination but after a few hundred questions reading combat sports forums is a welcome if mindless alternative. Anyway I was checking out the underground and came across three gems of multimedia:

  1. Video of a text book knockout using a right overhand to set-up a left uppercut by Matthew Saad Muhammad. The rear overhand, lead uppercut, and rear overhand is a tried and tested boxing and kickboxing combination. This clip is practically an instructional on delivering the uppercut, notice the set-up, timing, and powerful delivery. Like a large predatory cat Muhammad pounces on his KO shot, when you see a person move like this its not surprising that ancient martial artists looked to the animal kingdom for fighting inspiration. The thought process being: if this guy is good at cracking heads and moves like an uncaged beast and you can't learn directly from him, go back to the animal kingdom to learn the same skills.
  2. Next we have Benny "the Jet" Urquidez fighting an unidentified muay thai fighter. The Jet launches a jab-tiip combo and double underhook clinches. He spins and throws his hapless opponent with an airborne harai goshi (the unholy mating of hip toss with a leg reap) head first into the canvas causing a knock-out. Now, any hip throw is illegal in muay thai rules but this was not a muay thai rules fight rather an exhibition of American kickboxing vs. Thai kickboxing. This shows the advantage and power of attacking the weakness in an opponent's game, the Jet didn't try to out knee or elbow nor did he get in a competition of muay thai legal throws, rather he went to the biggest "hole" in the muay thai game, not immediately but as his opponent was getting more tired and less vigilant...and falling back into the skills and perceived rules he was most used to. The moral/parable for this image: Its hard to hit someone if they expect you to hit them, but its easy (or easier) to throw or submit them, or going back to basics, punch a wrestler, wrestler a striker. As a side note I've been thrown by hip toss two of my five muay thai get ONE warning, make it a good one.
  3. Lastly some fun muay thai KO's

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