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GJ "Do whatever you want the night before, just remember there is never an excuse to not answer the bell"

Well a staunch few of the bar crawlers showed at practice this evening. Started with some running, side shuffle, and carioca. Did some shadow boxing emphasizing body mechanics and movement. Then we did 10 of the combat sports burpees (they were not popular).

The junior students reviewed basic boxing and thai boxing covering all the basics they need to know for their fundamental certification. They did a quick evasion drill slip (jab) slip (cross) bob n' weave (lead hook) bob n' weave (right hook) and duck (cross). They also worked their breakfalls.

Meanwhile advanced students worked on kick agility trading two and three kick combinations of same side and alternating tiip/kick combinations. Followed by one round of JC-cover (cross) return 3-cover (hook) return 3-slip cross and pivot step out. Next two rounds worked on footwork. The feeder threw JC in succession, partner moved in quarter circle away from feeder's lead to open a line for tiip, cross, hook, or leg kick. Then worked the switch-up, as they circled away from JC, feeder cut them off with side step and lead hook,
Pivot step in opposite direction resetting the angle, either attacking from there or picking up cross or hook with either side slip. Finished with one round of boxing reaction on the focus mitts, one round basic thai, one round dirty (thai) boxing, and one Jeff mystery conditioning round.

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