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JKD & BJJ "The Texas Twins"

Today we were visited by our good friends Mark and Nick Reding from Texas where they run a JKD and BJJ school. They are scared of me and ducked me during post-practice rolling, despite their excuse of weighing 60 lbs. less than me and rolling lots of hard rounds with a lot of technical purple and brown belts. Scared I say! (although they are really, really tough and beat on me mercilessly every time they come up from Texas).
Single leg defense #1 (weak/low head post)
Opponent has the single locked (ankle snared between knees and hugged at knee), the head is either low or weakly placed on your pectoral, push the head down and hook your leg to the outside. Begin sprawling the snared leg down and back hard, while dropping hips down. Sprawl him to the floor.
Single leg defense #2 (strong head post)
Push head away and reposition top of your head into the side of his neck/face. Unhook snared leg to outside. Grab underneath his near arm and hug proximal to his far elbow. Kick down and away against hugging arms. Strong head pressure, provoking an arm wrench sensation.

On the ground we worked on the triangle, using a set-up off one hand controlling your chest the other controlling your abdomen/belt.

  • Push the low hand down as you pop the same side leg up over his shoulder, no swinging it wide. Set a preliminary triangle to hold the position.
  • If you need to adjust, cross hand arm control and cross hand shin control (of your own shin, the one over the shoulder), now place the free foot in the hip and readjust the angle in the direction his inside arm is pointing.
  • Reacquire the triangle, by tucking the distal shin of the over the shoulder leg under the free leg's knee joint. The three dimensions of the triangle are (1) increasing the angle (2) pulling him in toward your center (i.e. doing an abdominal crunch), and (3) bring your free leg to your butt.

Triangle reactions
Posturing up, extending inside arm?
Cross your free leg over your "shoulder" leg to form armbar
On the side where opponent's arm is inside, grab the kimono and push into the side of his neck for choke
If opponent doesn't tap, they will create space, pivot to oma plata by spinning toward partner's legs on inside arm side and extending legs away from your head. Control across the hips, sit up, throw legs away from opponent, slide out and away laterally to tighten and extend hips for shoulder lock.
Stacking you
Jeff helped me a lot with this today (he helps me with everything but I can't tell him that). Underhook the opponent's leg on the over the shoulder side. Control inside arm with same side hand. Extend up and then sweep 90o from your body on the arm control side and transition to armbar (unhook legs and throw free leg over head.

Wrestling today Jack said I had a very solid base mostly because I'm not incessantly moving, I'm confident in it, and I'm thinking about dropping my pelvis through the floor. Another helpful element was blocking the guard before it's set-up. If someone is going to guard they think it is a strong position for them, so stop them. Simplest way, start with the knee up and prevent them from closing. Also two ways to better pass from double under the legs.

  • Create double leg underhooks and clasp hands, suck into belly. Begin to pass by gripping cross collar and passing on this side. As you pass keep weight down and free other leg underhook to grip the pants and push his butt down to prevent the roll.
  • Alternatively should he roll, stop following his motion and go the opposite way to clock choke position (which explains why everyone, but Jack, rolls into my guard when I escape from 4 points, they roll "with" me, while he rolls "against" me).

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