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GJ Takedowns and timing

Today we worked some drills to improve the angle on the shot:
  • Triangular stepping: Use a 45o off angle step to move around a stationary partner, then shoot at 90o angle back again. Use rear leg triangle step to use same lead shot, use lead leg triangle step to use opposite lead shot
  • Triangular stepping of a circling
  • Spider drill to shot: Do the spider man drill until partner calls out "shot", instantly shoot from this position
In addition we worked king of the hill for first point, minute takedown drills, muay thai timing, and plum/knee play.
We also covered some basics of the plum:
first when clinching, insert hands in sequence not simultaneously
attach at neck and then move up
use pulling of the head and pushing of the elbows to break posture
when in trouble
Straight arm to face
Snake through and reclinch
Over-under lever
Under-over lever
Sweep elbow over top
Break balance (push-pull arms/arm head)

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