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Our first official practice of 2006 was light but that's expected. Started with trading knee combos
Deep knee, same head knee
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Head: One glove held out in front, force perpendicular to floor
Hook knee, same/opposite deep knee (plum position)
Hook: Stack gloves on side, thigh swings shut like a gate, hit with medial surface of knee (distal femoral eminence), force parallel to floor
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Inside leg knee, opposite deep knee (plum position)
Inside: Straight knee to medial side of thigh, displace if you can
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Then the same with punch combinations
Corkscrew either way using the hook
Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
Variation: Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
Corkscrew either way using the first hook hook
Jab-Overhand-Lead Uppercut-Overhand
Variation: Overhand-Lead Uppercut-Overhand
We then did 2 minute rounds of each four count kicking combinations on the thai pads. We finished with tagteam knee play, one person in for 2 minutes with two partners switching off.
We switched to the wrestling/grappling starting with an overhook whizzer. I throw this by pivoting 180o, so I'm almost hip-to-hip, a little in front, I use a hip and shoulder pop away from my partner and toward the mat. As they lengthen and fall flat, I switch directions and drive perpendicular across them, flattening them to cross side. Alternatively, keep them propped on their side and spin to straddling their head, and work either kimura or continue through to arm bar. Alternatively one can use the whizzer to sweep from hooks inside. Overhook and fake controlling the opposite arm, post out to the overhook side and drag partner to the hole you created, you can increase the elongation of their body by pushing on the far knee with your foot. As they elongate, drive perpendicular into them and put them in side mount. If they post up, spin and fall in and underhook the far leg. Pinch down on the overhook on the biceps. Lift and sweep over your overhook shoulder. We finished with several 6 minute grappling rounds. I tried to stress the "full" vs. "half" positions. I also wanted to clarify "active" positions: Does not mean moving or changing position all the time, but rather positioning and setting up offense. If that means going to a variation of position, do so, but don't lose points or position for the sake of activity.

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