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JKD & BJJ "Chutes and Ladders"

Late, blabbing in the locker room. We worked from the ving tsun tie-up
  1. lop sao -- Pin partner's elbow to side and create forward pressure with arms and stepping
  2. pok sao -- People like to grab rather than parry the previous shot, because it is performed slowly, in reality grabbing punches cannot be done at combat speed
  3. rake the eyes -- transition to solid, two hook neck control
  4. headbutt -- lower level and deliver solid shot with top of head
  5. knee -- counter lever head back and knee forward, low shot groin or iliotibial band
  6. elbow -- short, cutting with tip
For the BJJ worked three sweeps:
X-Guard Lift Ankle Trip
  1. From hooks inside, one side underhook control, sit out on the same side hip.
  2. Dive with other hand and underhook same side thigh.
  3. Use legs and underhooked thigh to lift, your hook on the side controlling partner's leg transitions to opposite hip, knee on posterior side, such that you have entered X guard. Head is next to shin and control hand wraps around to control knee.
  4. Use X to lift leg closer, catch ankle with free hand.
  5. Sweep 45o posteriorly to lifted leg (far from head).
  6. Tuck legs to kneeling.
"Y" Guard Sweep
  1. From half guard, with same side underhook control.
  2. Lift and transition outside leg of half guard to inside hook control. You may have to (a) "help" your flexibility by grabbing your own leg or (b) use inside leg of half guard to create space.
  3. Use free hand to control ankle of the leg hooked with your inside hook.
  4. Use free leg (former inside leg of half guard) to bump his butt and then kick out and sweep through so that you can roll up and over your lower leg (i.e. foot adducts, knee abducts). Simultaneously sit up and sweep to back.
    Variation: For very large opponents, you may need to insert two leg hooks inside partner's thigh to lift and sweep.
Triangle Half Guard Sweep
  1. Again from half guard, with same side underhook control.
  2. However, this time, partner tucks shin close to your butt. Open your half guard and move it proximally up to the thigh, triangle the thigh.
  3. Having created space, underhook traingled leg.
  4. Sweep perpendicularly over partner's bent knee. If posts, redirect pressure 90o or more straight back. Can also sweep to the opposite side over partner's "free" leg
Having recently seen Kazushi Sakuraba perform rear mount by a high on the thigh triangle, as well as the effectiveness of the Twister, this high triangle half guard position bears watching and development.
We did some MMA rounds with the guys getting ready to fight. Dan was coaching on the take down, telling people to move up and down, like climbing a ladder. So I said, "Chutes and Ladders" and that's exactly what it is. If a takedown is not working on one level you either need to slide down or climb up to a different point of joint leverage. For example, shooting a single that is defended despite your best efforts at turning the corner, lends itself to "chuting" down to picking the ankle or "laddering" up to the high crotch. A similar concept was taught in my traditional karate days, all the same strikes could be delivered at three levels: low, middle, or high. Simply striking at one is ineffective, by attacking one place we draw the defense there, creating openings elsewhere. We are doing the same thing with takedowns, we have attacked one place and forced a reaction which allows an opening at a different level.

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