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Jokerjitsu Muay Thai Highlight Reel

In August 2005 I competed at the 2005 International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) North American Classic (NAC) Amateur Kickboxing Tournament and won a championship belt in the cruiserweight division in muay thai rules. I finally got a tape in November and transferred to my computer in January, so multimedia rapid I am not. My three fights were:
  1. vs. Chris Sasek (7.1 MB MOV file)
  2. vs. Brian Mahan -- I have not included this clip as I won by a very narrow (29-28, 29-28 and 28-29) split decision and I looked like crap (my blog, my view!). Basically, Brian bounced a lot of punches off my face while I clinched, kneed, and tripped him to the canvas. It was an extremely close fight and should have been the NAC championship match, but due to bizarre if not shady seeding it was not.
  3. vs. Drew Edwards (5.5 MB MOV file)
I hope you enjoy and try not laugh too hard at my mistakes. Watching oneself compete on video can be rather sobering.

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