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Prefight Training and JKD Skills

Worked with Jeff today, we started out testing the new warm-up. We then did some standup work for the clinch and focus mitts. Rather than using a striking reaction we are focusing on clinch reaction. One of the things that I want to work on is using my lead kick as a set-up for angling and clinching or taking a shot. We transitioned to the ground where I tried working combinations from the top. Some test cases
  • Body Hook-Body Hook-Same side Head Hook
  • Body Hook-Body Hook-Opposite side Head Hook
  • Body Hook-Opposite side Upper Cut
  • Body Hook-Same side Hammer Fist
Conceivably, an overhand would work well from guard. Jeff also showed me a clever defense on the figure four guillotine, pulling down on your opponents wrist, creates a lot of pressure and breaks the grip.
Afterwards worked with Andy and Pedro on the stick and knife material for the JKD test this weekend. The things that I think are most important are
  1. Going slowly, the tip of the stick moves a lot faster being 3' further out.
  2. Committing to the attack, the drills only make sense if some is trying to hit you.
  3. Footwork, if boxing needs great footwork, kali needs phenomenal foot work, its one thing to move around punches it is something completely different to dance around a stick going 3 times faster.

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