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Supplemental Training

Worked out with Jeff (glad to have him back after break). Started with 2 minute rounds of clinched knee work:
Deep knee, same head knee
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Head: One glove held out in front, force perpendicular to floor
Hook knee, same/opposite deep knee (plum position)
Hook: Stack gloves on side, thigh swings shut like a gate, hit with medial surface of knee (distal femoral eminence), force parallel to floor
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Inside leg knee, opposite deep knee (plum position)
Inside: Straight knee to medial side of thigh, displace if you can
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Plum clinch knee, same/opposite thai side clinch knee
Plum clinch: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Side clinch: Feed one arm, partner overhooks with same side and controls neck with opposite hand, takes a half circle step back, knee to head (catch with glove) or knee to body (cover with glove)
Deep knee, same/opposite calf shot
Deep: Stack gloves on belly, force parallel to floor
Calf shot: Pelvis-to-pelvis, bring foot to outside and slap partner's calf with foot (in application this would be the heel to the calf, but this would get old quick in training)
Then the same with punch combinations
Corkscrew either way using the hook
Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
Variation: Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
Corkscrew either way using the first hook hook
Jab-Overhand-Lead Uppercut-Overhand
Variation: Overhand-Lead Uppercut-Overhand
Jab-Cross-Lead Body Hook-Lead Head Hook
Cork screw on first hook.
We then did 2 minute rounds of each five count kicking combinations on the thai pads:
Five count #1
Lead kick-cross-lead body hook-lead head hook-rear kick
Five count #2
Rear kick-lead hook-double cross-lead kick
Five count #3
Lead kick-cross-lead hook-cross-lead kick
Five count #4
Rear kick-lead hook-cross-lead hook-rear kick
Finished with a few 6 minute rounds of no-gi rolling from the feet or knees with Jeff, Matt, and Richardo. Three observations:
  1. Matt loads and throws an excellent kata garuma (fireman's carry) but was getting caught in a crucifix/yoke position. He likes falling to the side with the goal of pinning (ideal for wrestling but not submission), rather than "popping" the person over which frees the arm usually caught by the legs for the crucifix/yoke position.
  2. I'm exposing my head to much to guillotine (regular or ten finger) and anaconda chokes. While not tapping to them, I'm getting caught in a stupid place.
  3. It is truly an excellent training experience rolling with purple belts of my level (fine better than my level).

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