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Phased Fight Training

Today we started with the new warm-up (now available in PDF). We started the first phase, striking, doing two minutes of 5 thai kicks each side 10 second break to the focus mitts for 2 x two minutes, concentrating on appropriate reaction. We followed up with footwork drilling of the "checkmark" and "jin":


The checkmark footwork pattern

The jin footwork pattern

The simplest way to avoid an action or reaction is to quarter circle away from it, going to your opponents lead. On offense the aggressive action is straight in, but the defense should be at an angle, from above this looks like a checkmark.

The switch-up to the checkmark stepping is to cross to your opponent's power side but you must ensure adequate clearance of the power hand. Thus if they cut off the checkmark, you switch directions, and pivot to the outside of your opponent's power side. From above this looks like the Kanji for "person", called "jin".
The next phase we worked was the over-under clinch working light strikes with the goal of takedown. On the takedown we rotated. The round was 10 minutes in length. The final phase we worked were 3 minutes from the over-under clinch with light strikes and then continuing with ground work. A good transition is the front headlock with one arm in, throwing knees to force three point contact, dragging down and backward ("spreading" your opponent flat mat), and then spinning to the back.

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