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Bugeishako ('Martial Arts Garage") v2.0

Bugeishako: Joker's Modular Martial Arts Training and Parking Facility
Bugeishako: Joker's Modular Martial Arts Training and Parking Facility
View from the garage door side, SW corner. In the opposite corner is the heavy bag and stand.View from the (inaccessible) access door side, SE corner. Notice the space heater and protective polyboard after the siding people turned the outer wall into sadist wet dream of oddly protruding nails.
I've wanted a home training facility for a long time. Not that I'll have time to use it nor a real need as I have access to University facilities, plus at any given time I train with two or three local gyms. But it'd still be nice to have the space to train solo or in small groups. Just in case.
The just in case occurred this week when the South Wright Street Martial Arts Facility (SWSMAF "Swiss maf") was shut down for Spring Break with literally less than 24 hours notice. Loath to decrease my training load for nine days, I had to get my little dojo operational STAT. This meant a trip to the lumber yard for cover the nails protruding through the outer wall. Just imagine a scene from Saw III with a jagged pincushion coming out of a splintery wall. I've cut myself walking to my car.
The basic premise was that I wanted to both use my garage for training and for car storage. My car is new and pretty, I'd like to keep it that way and avoid scrapping ice off the windshield as much as possible. Thus the heavy bag stand is in the rear corner with yard implements and shelving behind it. The mat can be tightly rolled to fit just in front of it, allowing me room to park. The gym currently features:
  • 12' x 20' matted area
  • 80# canvas heavy bag on free stand (stand padded for safety)
  • Climate control (open the garage door/space heater)
  • Fight posters
In the future I hope to store some thai pads, focus mitts, and extra gloves for training purposes as well as hanging a mirror, matting the walls, and adding a pull-up bar. At least for now I can train without exposing myself to tetanus. As for working out today, well the ten plus hours involved in bring the Bugeishako on-line has been sufficient.

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