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The Octopus

I was wrestling with Nick today and thought about the many submissions that can be obtained from the triangle position. I was also thinking about how damn cold it is to train in one's garage when the weather decides to be wintry in the first week of spring, but that doesn't really help anyone. Victory comes to those who suffer. Anyway the Octopus or eight submissions from the triangle:
  1. Triangle
    (triangled neck and arm)
  2. Straight Armbar ("Hot Model")
    (triangled arm)
  3. Reverse Armbar
    (triangled or free arm)
    I use the reverse arm bar on the triangled arm as initiator to either catch this submission or break my opponent into the triangle. I use the reverse arm bar on the free arm to attack but also to reposition my triangle's angle.
  4. Americana
    (triangled or free arm)
    Triangled Arm: You can use the inside (medial side) of the leg nearest your triangled arm as an achor for the elbow, pull the arm superior and laterally to create pressure on the shoulder.
    Free Arm: Angle your body out to the side of the free arm and set up a standard figure four (arm pointed superiorly) for the lock. Remember: "Up is across and under", that is cross side grip to their wrist, same side secures beneath their arm for the figure 4).
  5. Kimura
    (triangled or free arm)
    In either case use your triangle to anchor their body while attacking with the kimura. I generally do this against the shoulder versus the elbow (hmmm...maybe I should try it) and use the "Down is same and over" axiom, that is the same side wrist grip, then reach over to secure the figure four.
  6. "Cow Renderer"
    (triangled arm)
    Similar to the americana of the triangled arm, use the medial surface of your leg to trap the elbow of the triangled arm and apply the goose neck to the wrist.
  7. Oma Plata
    (triangled arm)
    To do this you or your opponent must open up the triangle on the "arm" side. That is your either create space, pushing them away at a 45o angle or they tuck their arm around your leg and behind your butt. Open the triangle and pivot 180o while simultaneously putting your feet together and pushing away from your core. At the end of your pivot, swing your legs away from your partner ending in a skewed kneeling position. Slide your hips laterally away to flatten your partner's shoulders to the mat and improve the lock (the E in SPInE).
  8. Gogo Plata
    (triangled neck and arm)
    Not my favorite I have old knees and got tired of kicking my partner's in the face. The basic mechanics have been described previously.
I also noticed that I need to increase my activity becoming more aggressive and off-angle. I'm able to recover from near passes due to shear athleticism, I might as well use this attribute offensively and myself up by attacking from the guard at an oblique rather than being controlled straight on. If I do this I can attack more.

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