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GJ "The BIG Bone"

We started with our standard warm-up then started with muay thai rounds:
  1. Kick to knees
    Throw kick but do not retract foot drop near partner, reach with hands one at a time and secure plum. Three skip knees, turn x 3, on last throw to kick range and kick. Remember the throw should disorient, off balance, and drive their limbs away from their head and core.
  2. Punch/Kick-Knee Combinations
    On the straight knees use the distal tip of the femur (the big bone). Either grab on the outside line with the knee-side hand while keeping the other glove on forehead or pull both hands to knee-side hips.
    Lead kick-rear knee
    Rear kick-lead knee
    Jab-(either) knee
    Cross-(either) knee
    (Either) knee-cross
  3. Duck Under Thai Clinch
    Cover lead hook and control neck, lead knee. Wing elbow and duck under arm, retain neck control and push on triceps. Two lead knees. Step up then away and throw (or push) to punch range for cross-hook-cross.
  4. Conditioning
    Distance and 3 knees/3 punches drill with added partner carries.
We transitioned to junior students alternating plum position by swimming while seniors students did knee play. Some of us apparently are still unclear of what play means but it's light, tag not sparring. If you hit someone in the cup, apologize! And don't knee anyone in the head. Or I'll just pin you to wall and cut loose...
Next we worked some leg lever variations:
Leg Lever (juniors)
From outside line control their ankle with one hand and put your forearm in their hip. Lift the leg as you push the hip to the floor, dropping them into the "hole" created by their missing limb.
Handler Leg Lever Variation (seniors)
Shoot and secure single leg control along the outside line. Drop your elbow into the meat of the thigh as you sag into the floor. This is a leg lever with pain compliance. You can make it easier on your partner by using your triceps.
Leg Lift and Pull (juniors)
The leg lever fails, use your ankle control side thigh to bump the leg and secure underhook on the calf. Grab their far trapezius muscle and step back, pulling them to the floor. If they fail to fall by hopping, block their foot with yours and trip them to the mat.
Baseball Bat Throw
From an outside line leg lever set-up use a hip bump and use the arm nearest your partner to underhook at the knee. Lock grip with other hand. Now swing up and away (the end swing of a baseball bat swing) to jerk/lift partner up and flat (and into the mat). If they hop and defend, sweep the base leg.

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