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JKD & BJJ Fine Tuning

Today we reviewed JKD knife work and then the BJJ techniques from Tuesday. Jack mentioned several refinements:
Escape from Side Mount (Four Points Transition)
Use an armless Spider-Man transition. That is bridge the hips high then feed the leg nearest your opponent under your other bent leg and retreating. Regain 4-points and secure leg as described previously.
Kimura (Inferior Shoulder Lock) from Side Mount
Attack the elbow rather than the shoulder (Shooto style). Thus we set-up the figure four just proximal to the elbow and make the arm straighter rather than more bent.
Americana (Superior Shoulder Lock) from Side Mount
When your opponent push on you, retract only your shoulder, do not roll your entire body away.
Posterior Collar Choke from Side Mount
This is a high percentage technique it (a) threatens submission, (b) does not give up position, and (c) looks like you are staying active on top.

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