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JKD & BJJ I got beat, out pointed, submitted and it's totally AWESOME

Today after practice I rolled for several hard rounds, the majority of which I lost. I got taken down by a white belt (2-0), I got heel hooked by a blue, and I lost about 84-0 to Jack. It was fantastic. Losing in practice is only a bad thing if you don't learn from it. I'll take a million "loses" in practice for one gold medal at a tournament like NAGA Chicago, Pan Ams, or, even dare I dream, the Mundial. If I lose or get submitted by someone I taught or lower rank than me its just the law of averages, eventually it will happen, and I'm obviously training in a program that works and is constantly pressure tested, the "lesser ranks" can beat the uppers, not only can they, it's expected. It means I must try harder and not be complacent in my own abilities.
Anyway we worked on the three methods for escaping the cross side position:
  1. Shrimp to guard
  2. Shrimp to 4 points (see also here)
    Head outside
    Set-up double leg, step up on most lateral foot, head up and in for pressure, catch opposite knee, turn and dump to side mount.
    Head inside
    Use the leg securing technique and move around behind your partner. They will most likely whizzer your near arm. Use your knee and body to bump them forward driving their face toward mat, free your arm.
  3. Outside roll to guard
    Use your far hand to create space by pushing on shoulder, insert near hand across neck, grabbing lapel nearest your face. Lift and bridge over your free hand shoulder, roll back into guard.
We then covered two submissions from cross side position
  1. "Cow Renderer"
    If they grab your kimono in order to put pressure on your neck to push you off, slide out 45o superiorly. Cup their hand with your shoulder and secure a grip on the grabbing hand's elbow. Compress to lock wrist.
  2. Kimura (Inferior Shoulder Lock) from Side Mount (see also here)
    If they grab their belt, straddle their head and secure a figure four position. Use a "deadlift jerk" to free their hand and kimura them. Alternatively, loop their elbow and grab your own kimono drop your elbow into their side and take the armbar.
I need to:
  1. Improve my control in the guard by securing better grips, disrupting balance, and keeping people's grubby little hands off my pant's legs.
  2. Use explosive sweeps and submission attempts
BTW we reviewed knife passing drills in JKD today.

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