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GJ Blackorby Seminar Review

We did a light warm-up with shadow boxing, shoulder, belly, and knee tag. We finished with the Steal the Tail game. We reviewed material from the seminar yesterday. I worked some alternative combinations with Jeff (and shared some with the rest of practice):
  • "3 Body Shovel" -- Jab-Cross-Lead shovel-Rear shovel
  • "3 Shovel (Hook Cross)" -- Jab-Cross-Lead Hook-Rear shovel(-Lead Hook-Cross)
  • "3 Shovel (Uppercut Cross)" -- Jab-Cross-Lead Hook-Rear shovel(-Lead Uppercut-Cross)
  • "Reverse 3 Body Head (Cross)" -- Jab-Lead hook-Cross-Lead body hook-Lead head hook(-Cross)
  • "Body Cover Front" -- Cover (Low Rear Hook)-Lead uppercut-cross-lead hook
  • "Body Cover Rear" -- Cover (Low Front Hook)-Rear uppercut-lead hook-cross
  • "Catch 1 Shovel" -- Catch (Jab)-Jab-Rear shovel hook
  • "Catch 2 Shovel" -- Catch (Jab)-Jab-Cross-Lead shovel hook
  • "2 Body Shovel" -- Jab-Body cross-Lead shovel hook
  • "2 Knee Kick" -- Jab-Cross-Lead Knee-Push-Rear Kick
  • "3 Body Knee Cross/Kick" -- Jab-Cross-Lead shovel hook-Push-Switch-up Cross/Switch-up rear kick
  • "2 Knee to Three Knees" -- Jab-Cross-Lead knee-Switch to full clinch (trace over head with glove)-Three skip knees-Throw to kick range and kick
We then worked some ring generalship skills. Junior students worked pushing and stepping their way out of the corner while their partner tried to block them. The key was to put pressure in one direction and pivot step in the other. The senior students used timing set up the power hand load and spinning techniques while their partners tried to escape by straight jabbing or pivot stepping. We finished with 2 x 2 min rounds of working the Superman, Heatseeker, and Crane Technique trick plays. Juniors worked kick, tiip, and knees respectively during these rounds. We finished with a 4 minute round of alternating minutes of 3 lateral jumps and 5 squats or 5 push-ups hold for 15 seconds.

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