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Supplementary Training -- Rolling Tired

I rolled today with Kiko, Kyle and Odilon. Starting rotations again has made training a lot harder, when I need to train I want to eat or sleep, but this will pass as my body accommodates to the schedule. Anyway Kiko showed a neat variation on passing the guard where you rotate the belt so that the knot ends up on the side of your opponent, gives a lot more leverage than usual.
This morning I was thinking about "reversed 4 count kick combinations like:
  • Jab-Cross-Lead Kick-Rear Kick
  • Jab-Rear Kick-Lead Kick-Cross
  • Lead Kick-Cross-Rear Kick-Lead Hook
  • Rear Kick-Lead Hook-Lead Kick-Cross
Just a thought as to switching up 4 count offense. I'd also like to do a solo grappling specific Tabata protocol:
  • Grappling Burpee (n = 1 push-ups):
    Stand-up (that is go from a prone position, bring your heels to your butt and rise to a standing position) to...
    ...jumper squat...
    ...sprawl to...
    ...n push-ups to...
    ...mountain climber x3 sprawl out to opposite side...
    ...Spider-man to back...
    ...repeat ad nauseum
  • Spider-man
  • Grappling Burpee (2 push-ups)
  • Shrimping
  • Grappling Burpee (3 push-ups)
  • Overhead reach and drag
  • Grappling Burpee (4 push-ups)
  • Wall handstand, rapidly touch chest with one hand
  • Grappling Burpee (5 push-ups)
  • Shooter's walk
  • Grappling Burpee (6 push-ups)
  • Continuous box rolls (forward roll-left bayonet roll-backward roll-right bayonet roll)

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