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JKD & BJJ "Kyle, give me a call if you have any questions about how to whip @$$." "Billy, expect a long message on your phone."

Today we did the Erik Paulson core combinations:
  • Jab-Cross-Lead Hook
  • Jab-Body Cross-Lead Hook
  • Cross-Lead Hook-Cross
  • Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
  • Overhand-Lead Uppercut-Overhand
  • Double Jab-Cross
We did individual rounds of each and then progressive defense and clinching off these techniques in the following progression:
  • Free form (feed any)
  • Free form against wall
  • Free form against wall, defender works to clinch/plum
For BJJ we drilled for the Pan Am with rounds of:
  • 3 minutes to first point from the guard
  • 2 minutes in the guard, top player is ahead on points and stalls out
After practice I did a few 6 minute rounds. I have to work on my defense of a certain technique, people are getting too close...

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