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Today we started with our constantly varying standard warm-up, from there we proceeded into brief rounds of:
  1. Shooter's walk pursuits
  2. Knee tag x 3
  3. Pummeling (juniors) or pummeling to body hug and break (seniors) x 2
  4. Lock-up to duck under (juniors) or lock-up trying to take the back (seniors)
  5. Head pummeling -- Use your head to control and push your partner (slowly)
From here we transitioned into boxing and thai boxing
  1. Basic boxing (everyone)
    Basic such as 1, 1 body, 2, 2 body, 3, 3-cross, 3 body, 3 body head, reverse 3, reverse 3 hook, 4, 4-cross, 4 body, overhand 4, overhand 4 overhand, "Four Angles", overhand 3, etc. Seniors also put in tiip to the belly pad.
  2. Basic boxing (juniors)
    Four count kick variations (seniors)
    We can take four basic kick combinations and make a plethora of drills/combinations out of them:
    Tiip (first kick tiip, second regular kick)
    Tiip-knee (first kick tiip, second regular knee)
  3. Distance drill/3 knees 3 punches (everyone)
    30 seconds of each. Distance drill is two rapid sameside knees on "distance", fight against holder. Three knees three punches is alternating knees followed by CHC or HCH.
  4. 70 Knees Drill (everyone)
    Alternating 1-2-3-4 kicks followed by 10 knees x 7, no time.
We then transitioned to the ground a worked four mounted escapes in decreasing level of usefulness:
  1. Bridge and roll
    Control the arm with both hands while blocking off the same side leg by bending your knees and bring your feet to your posterior. Bridge up and then over, rolling your opponent to the guard. This is a technical move don't explode without direction and forethought. This works well when your legs are longer than your opponents or you need to destabilize them prior to another escape.
  2. Shrimping
    Pivot to one hip and push on the knee in front of you, slide your bottom leg out. Pivot to your opposite hip, frame the neck with top hand, while pushing on the other knee with your bottom hand, lever your other leg out and put them in closed guard. You can sometimes lift your opponent's leg and slide your leg out this way if you have longer legs. This escape works well after a bridge attempt destabilizes your opponent or if your opponent is bigger than you.
  3. Benchpress
    Put your hands in their hips and explosively bridge up as you extend your arms. This should pop your opponent up and suspended on you arms as you rapidly pull your knees to your chest and go to hooks inside guard. Go for underhook control.
  4. Feet in the armpits
    Your opponent is riding high on your chest, lift at their armpits and insert your feet, extend and push them over your head. Slide out between their legs and sit-up.
We finished with some more conditioning, 1 min rounds of:
  • Running in place with domino sprawls
  • Domino push-ups (1-1-3-5)
  • Squats with domino push-ups, 5
  • Mountain climbers to frog up/sit-ups
We finished with relays of 1-2-3-3-2-1 shuttles and 50 push-ups. After practice several of us did gi grappling rounds for about 30-45 minutes. Kiko showed a Mario Sperry variation on the overhook lapel control where he controls the non-hooked side sleeve and takes the straight arm bar. Good variation.

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