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JKD & BJJ Overhook Lapel Control

In JKD we worked the low line evasion to the jab, cross or lead hook.
Same lead, e.g. left to left, as they jab for your head they open the space below the floating ribs. Slip to the outside, lower your level, and deliver the jab.
Opposite lead, e.g. left to right, as they jab slip to the outside, lower your level, and throw the cross to the floating ribs.
Lead hook
Same lead, as they jab slip to the inside, throwing the rear shoulder forward, then rotate back toward partner to deliver lead hook. For training throw to partner's rear arm which is held tight to side.
In BJJ we worked on the overhook lapel control from the guard:
Use a cross hand sleeve control and then bring your same hand underneath and the through to figure 4 control. Use both arms to lift their hand over your head while pulling with your legs. Secure overhook position and cross collar control. HINT: Try to slide their hand along and off the lapel, do not jerk it straight off.
"Judo Chop" Choke
Slide overhook side foot up to hip and roll tightly into partner's side. Pivot out to this side and grab fold over trapezius muscle (overhook side) with free hand. Drop forearm down and underneath chin for choke.
Reverse Armbar
If they resist the choke, slide out along their hooked arm and roll your knee over their triceps. Extend your body to lock the elbow.
Oma Plata
If the defend the reverse armbar, spin through and set-up the oma plata. Use the overhook as pivot point, swing your legs through and out to the side while releasing the lapel. Use the freed overhook hand to control your partner.
Inside Reverse Kimura (the Frank Mir since he used this submission to win over Pete Williams in UFC 36)
If your partner tries to defend the overhook by bending their arm and cupping your shoulder, slide your hips away and place their elbow on the inside of your thigh. Now extend and put pressure on the elbow and shoulder. I usually feel it in my elbow first and from there it moves to my shoulder. This is a fast submission, go slow!
Push your opponents free hand down and slide your leg over to the triangle. Move their arm across your body and cinch the triangle (see three dimensions of the triangle). If they grab your lapel, double wrist grab and arch your back to pop it off.

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