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GJ The Bugeishako reaches a new training population high...3!

Steve and Tom dropped by for a little training in the moderately chilly Bugeishako. We started with the 9 counts. We then worked on a method for working to the outside when someone has the opposite lead you do, the reverse 3 game:
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Cross
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Rear Kick (follow with reverse 3)
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Rear Knee
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Rear Shovel
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Hook
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Kick
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Lead Knee
  • Jab-Lead Hook-Cross-Tiip
Next we covered two amateur MT knee combinations or the situation where your opponent escapes after your first knee:
  • Rear knee-Lead upper cut-Cross
  • Lead knee-Rear upper cut-Lead hook
Next we worked off the wall from a muay thai clinch:
Pivot step
Make a 90o turn. The easiest way is to step your rear foot out 45o and then pivoting around your opponent.
As with the pivot step but grab your partner's head and pull as you step.
Clinch and turn
Tie up and clinch. Push forward and then drop step to turn them to the ropes/wall.
I also edited and added a figure to my Inside versus Outside blog.

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