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GJ Provoked Reaction

We warmed-up with dynamic stretching and then did some conditioning rounds:
Upper Body
Push-up ladder with shadowboxing
  1. 1 push-up shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  2. 2 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  3. 4 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  4. 8 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  5. 16 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  6. 32 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  7. 16 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  8. 8 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  9. 4 push-ups shadowbox remaining 20 seconds
  10. As many push-ups as you can do in 20 seconds
Lower Body
Thai Kick-Sprawl ladder, 1 minute each round
  1. 1 Kick Sprawl
  2. 2 Kicks Sprawl
  3. 3 Kicks Sprawl
  4. 4 Kicks Sprawl
  5. 5 Kicks Sprawl
  6. 1 Head Kick Sprawl
Three minute round of
  1. Three sit-ups feet to the ceiling
  2. Shamrock stand-up
  3. LH-RH-LH
  4. Hug your partner and pivot 180o
  5. Three leg raises feet to the ceiling
  6. Shamrock stand-up
  7. RH-LH-RH
  8. Hug your partner and pivot 180o, repeat from top
Next we worked three rounds of provoked reaction. The idea here is two-fold:
  1. By initiating certain actions we generate or provoke certain reactions that set us up as a counterstriker, and
  2. By breaking the reaction down into the one step before the reaction phase we learn more about how to react.
Thus the provoked reaction drills:
  1. Jab provoked reaction
    "Jab reaction jab" -- 1-catch (jab)-C-LH-C
    "Jab reaction cross" -- 1-high cover (C)-C-LH-C
  2. Cross provoked reaction
    "Cross reaction hook" -- C-side cover (LH)-C-LH-C
    "Cross reaction hook" -- C-bob n' weave (LH) w/ LH-C-LH(-C)
    "Cross reaction cross" -- 1-high cover (C)-C-LH-C
  3. Hook provoked reaction
    "Hook reaction cross" -- LH-high cover (C)-C-LH-C
    "Hook reaction hook" -- LH-side cover (LH)-C-LH-C
    "Hook reaction uppercut" -- LH-lead cover (RU)-C-LH-C
We finished with a three minute conditioning round incorporating pitter pat to "fall, sprawl, and follow" switching about halfway through to 10 punches from mount, bridge and rolled to 10 punches from guard then hip bump back.
I worked two more technical drills incorporating the jab as an offensive tool:
Jab to provoke the shot
In this drill the fighter punched to a posteriorly held focus mitt, as soon as they landed that jab, the feeder tried to tap their knee and they sprawled. This simulates using the jab offensively and having the opponent shoot off this entrance and trains the appropriate sprawl reaction.
Jab mobility
This time we worked on increasing the fighters mobility for closing and opening range. The holder pops a focus mitt and as soon as the fighter lands the shot, the holder swings through (slowly) with a light or foam stick. The fighter must clear the stick without being hit. Although unrealistic in the range demands it forces the fighter to be light and quick on their feet.
We finished by rolling 3 x 4 minute light grappling rounds.

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