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JKD & BJJ Triangle Set-ups

Yesterday, Jack showed three triangle set-ups:
  1. Pushing the hand to the chest
    From closed guard use both hands to control your opponent's sleeves. Punch one of their hands to their chest and pop the same side leg over this shoulder. Release the hand you pushed to their chest and hold with the "triangle guard", i.e. the unfinished triangle. Pass the hand inside the triangle to your free hand and grab your distal shin. Adjust your angle with the foot in the hip and then recinch the triangle.
  2. Horizontal shin to break the grip
    Again from the closed guard, your opponent has a tight grip on your kimono. Put one foot in their hip to create space and bring the other leg horizontal to the floor, knee medial, superior to your opponent's arm. Put the shin across the elbow joint and pop their grip free. Swing this leg around and triangle your opponent.
  3. Kick past the head
    From the closed guard use a straight arm to frame your opponent by grabbing the collar on one side. Slide your knees proximally and medially (toward you and in) to get the feet on the hips with the legs on the inside of your opponent's arms. Simultaneously obtain sleeve control. Now kick one leg right next to your opponents ear and hook in "triangle guard". Pull the arm inside the triangle across your body and finish adjusting your triangle.
After practice I went up to Portage, IN and cornered the Handler in his second career MMA win in decisive fashion at the Duneland Vale Tudo Classic.

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