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JKD & BJJ Number of the Beast

Today in JKD we worked on knife passing, picking up angles 1 and 2 with the cross forearm and then guiding it down and across before switching off to the other arm. If they check your passing arm to re-attack on the angle 1 use the same hand side to check it and then reset with the cross hand. We then did some knife sparring.
For BJJ we worked on escaping the rear mount by keeping the elbows tight and forearms crossed, slide inferiorly and use your elbow to lift one hook while simultaneously kicking out with the same side leg, now spin toward the hook side and smother the leg. Pass the half-guard. A similar escape can be done if your partner tries to rear mount from the turtle position. Use the elbows and slide away while rolling, ending in the half-guard position.
Next we went through the rear mount choke arsenal:
Mata Leao (rear naked choke)
Slide one hand along the "negative air space" inferior to the chin. This should make your arm a tight fit along the neck, with your elbow over the larynx. Your shoulder should be at one ear and your hand at the other. Grab the biceps of your free hand and tuck this hand posterior to the base of the skull.
Clock Choke
Over-under position, under hand opens kimono and feeds to over hand, creating tight fit. Switch under hand to opposite lapel. The arms cross each other and sweep away, cinching the lapels across the carotids arteries and jugular veins. Pull posteriorly at an angle to prevent your opponent from lying on you.
Chicken Wing Choke
Do the Clock Choke set-up but this time your opponent pulls the other lapel away so that you cannot use it. The under hook arm goes laterally before plunging posteriorly behind the head. Push this hand forward as you draw the person backward with the lapel.
Spin to Side Choke
From the rear mount control the opposite lapel over the shoulder and the opposite knee. Pull, spinning your opponent so that they are perpendicular to you. Pull the collar while extending the leg anterior to your opponent. Since the tree trunk Jeff calls a neck doesn't feel this choke, I needed to increase the pressure, thus sneak your other shin across the near side of the neck.
I picked up an interesting submission today that I hope to work on in the future. I set up a rear cross body crucifix and then worked in the Chicken Wing. I then let the far arm go, and pulled my inferior leg through to the other side of my partner's body. Since he was pulling down on my arm to stop the choke I looped this leg in for a triangle. Dunno if it'll ever work again but I enjoy setting stuff up from the crucifix position.

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